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I'm not looking for anything new to do.

I'm just going to focus entirely on LOCH unless that get's licensed too.
Hopefully, I will get it done before the new live action ROCH comes out at the end of the year.  And once ROCH comes out, I will focus on that if LOCH is done.


it was fun while it lasted...i guess i should switch back over to LOCH then...

Look like this series is officially licensed in North America with english subbed.  This is what I got from spcNet from a poster name KnightMedia:

The series is renamed Laughing in the Wind, (subtitled The Magic Swords of Ling). You do not need to worry about taping the 40 episodes. We are distributors of the program on DVD for all North America. The 40 episodes are being released as of this October 2005. The program is in Mandarin with English Subtitles. The first 10 Episodes in a double DVD boxed Collector's set have a street date of October 25th; featuring some of China's most famous talent: Li Ya Peng, Xu Qing, Wei Zi, Miao Yiyi, Li Jie, Chen Lifeng. Directed and Produced by Zou Qingfang; It comes with a series of collectible photos from the series inside. It is a Knight Mediacom International Release and will be available wherever you find videos at retail and rental: Tower, Virgin, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Blockbuster, Netflix, Strawberry, FYE Transworld stores and your favorite local video store. Ask for it, if it is not there. Please tell your friends.

looks like the english subbed version of this will be broadcast on the AZN channel starting on Monday July 11.

Below was what I extracted from tv guide.

Laughing in the Wind
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75 AZNTV: Monday, July 11 2:30 PM

(Mandarin w/ English subtitles)

Original Air Date: Jul 11, 2005

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 Title or Actor:   


Future Airings:
AZNTV Monday, July 11 2:30 PM
AZNTV Tuesday, July 12 6:00 AM
AZNTV Tuesday, July 12 2:30 PM
AZNTV Wednesday, July 13 6:00 AM
AZNTV Wednesday, July 13 2:30 PM
AZNTV Thursday, July 14 6:00 AM
AZNTV Thursday, July 14 2:30 PM
AZNTV Friday, July 15 6:00 AM
AZNTV Friday, July 15 2:30 PM
AZNTV Monday, July 18 6:00 AM
AZNTV Monday, July 18 2:30 PM

this is the link to like 25 episodes of DemiGod semi devils...i believe they are english subbed...

i'm currently uploading episode 6 of State of Divinity to Tofu. 
This should temporarily wrapped up the Lin Ping Zhi's storyline and start focusing on the main character of the story which is LingHu Chong.  This is when the series starts getting good.
The next 6 episodes deals with life at Mt Hua and LingHu Chong learns his ultimate sword fighting technique.
No new episodes will be forthcoming till July.  But hopefully starting in July, a new episode will be released on a more regular least till episode 12...that's all I have translations for.

good news for those who have been patiently waitiing for the next episode of sTate of divinity.  I have just given a copy to Tofu.  Hopefully he will released it this weekend for you.

never mind.  i got the translations.

I need someone who can read Chinese to translate 13 lines for me for State of Divinity episode 5. 
Below is the link to what i need translated

If you can do it, can you post it in the reply.

This is the last bit I need before I can released the long awaited episode 5.
After that,  i just need to do a quick watch to edit any mistakes.

First episode will aired on Friday, April 1 commerical free

FYI, those living in the Bay Area.
Warriors of the Yang Clan will be airiing on channel 26 KTSF at 9pm-10pm Mon thru Friday with English subtitles.

It's a pretty good show.

Current & Future L-E Projects / Re: Live Dramas ?
« on: November 21, 2004, 08:55:25 am »
the above shows are only distributed by live-evil....i ask tofu to distirbute it for me...and tofu generously agrees to

me and a group of other people work on the fansubbing of the show but lately i have been too busy as well as lazy to work on anymore.

current status of the shows can be found at

mostly it contains episode synopsis of condor heroes 2003 and links to different sites of live chinese serials that we work out.

Current & Future L-E Projects / Re: Progress of State of Divinity
« on: September 15, 2004, 02:48:54 am »
yep...naruto story line is really good...even though they do have lotz of filler episodes  ;D

and i was staying up oh so late watching them too...hehhhehehe

Current & Future L-E Projects / Re: Progress of State of Divinity
« on: September 14, 2004, 12:02:20 am » progress have been made on any of these shows...i've been busy with work and watching 99 episodes of naruto... ::)

hopefully i'll get back into working on it again soon....just no ETA on any sorry for the long delay...

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