Hello all.

The unthinkable has happened.









GKIDS has officially licensed Future Boy Conan!

Future Boy Conan has never been released in North America (Until now). Back in the early 90s, Streamline Pictures licensed FBC, dubbed it too.
Once Alexander Key’s estate caught wind of this, they sent a cease and desist letter to Streamline. I’m surprised Gkids was able to get this.

As usual, the files are now removed off the bots and torrents have been deleted.

Thank you for watching our Conan since 2009!

— Mamo-chan

In spite of rumors to the contrary, we are NOT DEAD, but still alive and kicking, just a bit slower that we used to be for various reasons.
We WOULD have liked to have more stuff to release for our 20th, but all we could get ready is Emi #32, Yes! We are almost done!

So without further adieu, Emi #32!
Candid Surprise in the Bathroom!
A miscommunication between Mai and Shou gets way out of hand, but who’s fault is it? find out!

Suzaku! =^-^=

Meow baby

Emi#32 h264
354 MB (371,517,641 bytes)
CRC: D1D4C360
MD5: 2CCB77919ABF50365BE21B9B017D63AD

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil @irc.rizon.net or grab it off BitTorrent.













Hello everyone! The DVDs for hori-san OVA 5 & 6 have arrived! I’ve already skimmed through the eps. All looks fine. It will take sometime to process the episodes. Please be patient.


— Mamo-chan

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