Author Topic: Question from the pig, for members of digisub groups, past or present  (Read 13995 times)

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Despite many years of service, the pig rarely asks much in return.  Nonetheless, here's something he wanted to ask of people.

If you have been in a (fansub) group, and can think of a time where you felt dis-satisfied with the group, impeded by it, or just generally displeased b'cos of how things worked in that group, please post it here.

Just a short summary of the problem, how you attempted to deal with it, and what the end result was.  No need to get into specifics like group names, people names, project names, etc.

As a sample, here's my answer to the question that dates back 6-7 years ago:

In the original digisub group I happened to be a member of, the leader seemed biased toward only releasing shounen anime that he felt would be popular among leechers.  A few of us had completed an episode of a current 'cute' shoujo show and tried to get it released.  The leader refused to help us get it into distro b'cos he was afraid releasing a 'cute' 'girly' anime would tarnish the group's reputation among fans and possibly upset people who controlled the distro infrastructure, causing them to examine the group's future releases more carefully.  I dealt with the problem by complaining at first, but that didn't change a thing so then I just stayed quiet.  When shoujo-friendly groups started to appear, I joined a couple as opportunities presented themselves.  The end result was that a VHS fansubber released the 'cute' show we could never release, and that once I was in a few other groups I silently left the original group.

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Re: Question from the pig, for members of digisub groups, past or present
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2008, 09:42:16 pm »
Maybe this doesn't count, because it's about somebody being unhappy because of something that I did, but here goes...

I was in a "pickup" group with three members and we wanted to have a name. The translator was being very serious about it, and wanted to pick a name that we would use for future projects, but the other two members didn't like the names he was coming up with. So, as a joke, we suggested BUSU Fansubs for the name. The translator did NOT like that. So, because he seemed to be so opposed to it, we started plastering up references to ourselves as BUSU Fansubs all over the place, even going as far as this:


The translator was not exactly upset, but he wasn't entirely thrilled either  ;)