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looks the reflection in the monitor and checks gender symbol on the side.....yes i'm a she  [smiley=totozz.gif]

and no sexy pics for you! not unless we trade   [smiley=neo_xp.gif]

Btw i was asking before sometimes we can't be really sure about that :D

Is there any file grabber for windows / linux which can work behind socks proxy???
Plz help.

OOPS. I just realized i don't have an usenet account. I'm on a university network :(

A good news hosting company is it is $15 a month for unlimited download and currently the retention is roughly 35 days but they are working up to 50 days due to a new server upgrade. Once you learn newshosting you'll never want to go back to bittorrent ;D

An index of the anime files posted to Usenet is at
The anime usenet FAQ is here:



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