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Insert song used in Galaxy Express 999 Ep 5
« on: September 27, 2004, 11:12:22 am »
Hi, I meant to translate this song for you guys and have it subtitled in the episode, but decided in the end that it wasn't worth the effort involved (it would have delayed the release, etc etc etc).

So I figured I'd reward the forum dwellers by posting the translation here. ^^

This song is significant because it is being played in the background while

*** SPOILER ***

Shadow is pretending to be Tetsurou's mother and luring him out.

The name of the song is 'Tetsurou's Lullaby'

So without further ado:

omeme o tojite
tetsurou wa ii ko
saa otobi aoi kotori no you ni
funwari fuwafuwa
funwari fuwafuwa
chiisa na poketto wa karappo demo
ima ni ima ni kitto
shiawase san ga mukaetekureru
oyasumi tetsurou oyasumi
oyasumi tetsurou oyasumi

Close your eyes, baby.
That's a good boy, Tetsurou.
Yes, it's flying like a small blue bird.
Soft, fluffy...
Soft, fluffy...
Even if your tiny pockets are empty,
now, yes, now,
Happiness is coming to find you.
Good night, Tetsurou, good night.
Good night, Tetsurou, good night.

This song is played at 14:11 in episode 5 of Galaxy Express 999.

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