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Tonde Buurin (super Pig)

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i post this in the general current and future project but someone suggest taht i post it here here it is.

i don't know if this is drop project or not but i was wondering if anyone know where i can get it.    I been searching for this anime for a long time..really long time..i seen this anime when i was young but i never forget it and i been looking for it but since it wasn't license i can't get the dvd.  if anyone know how or anyway i can get this anime please respond.  seriously i been waiting for this anime for almost 10 years so if ya have any clue please tell me. thank you

One of the many shows we have the DVDs for, would love to sub it but no translator out there cares to work on it.  My pigs go crazy over this show. 

i would love to sub this anime please contact me at thanks. im also looking for this series.

I love this anime.

I happen to find 4 torrent files of this anime from ep 1 to ep 4, it lead me to this forum  ;D

I really want to translate this anime but my Japanese is not good enough - poor me.  :'(

Can i ask for a favour? I really love this anime. I really want to watch this anime. So, can you send me files of all eps of this anime - sub or not sub. I dont care, i just want to watch this anime as its original.

Sozy if i'm so impolite when asking that.  :)

Hi, does anyone know why Oppa group stop fansubbing tonde buurin, pig hero anime? Also, does anyone know where I can download or buy the series? Thanks, I just love this cute series! ;D [:burtonsnowboard]


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