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Glad that you are enjoying it. I hope you had a chance to try out the new sound! I don't know if Winamp allows you to switch audio streams. :D

Not sure but it sounds fantastic compared to my VKLL vhs fansubs. I dled them off of Kazaa in '02.  The hard work is definitely appreciated...I can hear the difference, no static, plus the picture is fabulous so great job!  ;D

 :D I would like to thank L-E for the hardwork on Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and I appreciate that they are providing an Xvid version which plays fantastic in Winamp.....Keep 'em coming, we are patient.....

Past L-E Projects / Re: NANA Anime & Live-Action
« on: June 05, 2006, 09:10:15 pm »
Yes I saw an original Westwood Armor Ring, that Nana rockstar wore, for sale on Ebay....$3,000 was the opening bid and yes it was an Original not a fake. 

 :o  ~Daisuki-chan

P.S. There are many cool Nana items for Sale on Ebay. I have two Cell Straps already one is the 707 door plate and 707 key the other is the flower of the blackstones with a black bead hanging from the bottom.. ^-~

General Forum / Pacific Northwest + Kumori Con
« on: June 03, 2006, 09:38:22 pm »
Is there anyone here in the pacific northwest planning on attending Kumori Con. I know it is smaller and newer but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask?

 :D  ~Daisuki-chan

Something is really fishy! Tofu dropping NANA just because?  I don't buy it, he seemed as all the rest of us! Now suddenly just nothing? This on the main site front page...

June 1st, 2006
Inappropriate drama happened.  For some it’s still happening.  Time will tell if the drama queens will be able to pull extract their craniums from their own rectums in time to save this project.  Apologies to those who are waiting.

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Drama Queens...Innapropriate Drama? What the hell is going on? Rumors are flying all over the net...In one odd channel they were saying he died....GGGRRRR >:(  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about the delay of NANA at all. I am just curious at all of the mystery/rumor circulating over Tofu-Sensei.  And I really did hear that he was near death in a coma.....

I voted for NANA because I love it. The artwork is gorgeous and the plot is very interesting! 

I also voted for Sailor Stars because that is my very favorite Season of Sailor Moon and I have it on the old VKLL subs but LE's were proving especially nice! These are the only two I watch from LE but both have been held up! >:(

This is for real, WE NEED TO KNOW is Tofusensei......?

I came here looking for information on him but now I am even more confued, it may be that one of the other mods/translators signing in on his account..

This is a serious issue, I don't want to upset anyone but I am really concerned.  I just heard something on one of the many Anime Channels.  I heard a very serious conversation that you guys are hiding the fact that Tofu Sensei is near death in a coma! Is this true? Please let us know as soon as you can.  I am really anxious. 


tsubasa? pfff
nana? pfff
initial d? pfffffffffff

what are these lousy boring shows?
they look like online flash animations. south park meets tekken the animation.(gets upset stomach)

makes you want to die your hair blonde and drive a volvo while drinking a latte and listening to the highschool punk rock top 40 (gets upset stomach times 4)

i came for the good stuff!  :)
and lots of good stuff around this place

 >:(  I drive a ford, DRINK MY LATTE! and listen to JPOP/Classical mix, I like NANA and BTW My hair is very dark!   Your disdainful stereotyping is a bit small minded.  Your upset stomach probably is a result of the level of your arrogance, it seems to know no bounds.

As for the poll I came here for Sailor Moon and found Nana by accident, I don't watch Tsubasa at all...just not my thing! ;D

Sailor Moon

She had five seasons of Enemies and kicked 'em all back to where they came from.  I also believe that anyone that can take on Galaxia and walk away alive will rule the day.

I voted for Nana the Rock chick as a second because she has a backbone of steel and I think pushed she would kick some ass!

I actually ended up setting up Zoom Player as someone from Animesuki suggested and now am able to view H264 but I still wish H264 played in Winamp. 

I have to vote with my beliefs and love of Winamp, so I may be in the minority
but I vote for #3 AVI

The good news is whatever gets voted on I can still view the episodes. Thanks for the info though I do appreciate it...


Past L-E Projects / Re: NANA Anime & Live-Action
« on: May 06, 2006, 09:41:59 am »
Tofu -  You are the coolest! and so is NANA.  I really really appreciate the hard work, I can't even imagine.  I loved this show from the opening song and you guys have done a fantastic job. I have already found goodies on Ebay for this show...yay me...

My absolute favorite scene so far was in Episode 4 when Nana kissed that girl that gave her the birthday present. That moment was just perfect

Oops  :-[ Sorry for rambling but this has to be the best show out this season...just imho.


You guys so ROCK as someone said before I also enjoy VKLL's copies but I just watched your release and all I could say is wow!  :o  I would like to ask a couple of questions before voting,

1. a, Does anyone view their anime in Winamp here?

1. b, Can you view H264 files in Winamp, if so how?

I goofed and voted for H264 when I thought that was what I was viewing. (GOMEN) I was actually viewing it via avi in Winamp.

 Keep up the fantastic work between this and NANA I think I love you guys! 

~ Daisuki-chan

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