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Yeah, it would have been cool to find out who won; there were some very nice submissions... Even if they cannot give out any prices as originally promised, it'd still be great if they chose a winner just for acknowledgement sake. "Better late thank never..."  ;)

Here's my contribution. I love Winter Sonata - can't wait until the next one is out! Thanks for this and many other great releases!
[tlynnec: I sent this to you via e-mail some hours ago but haven't gotten a reply yet. So in case you didn't get it...]

"Art class is so boring these days... I wonder if a new episode of Winter Sonata is out yet?"

"Naughty boy gets slapped... Ouch!"

"While looking for his girlfriend he makes a startling discovery, right there in the depth of the forest... Will he continue looking for his girlfriend or go home and see what's new on the LE website?"

"I guess he wants to smooch but all I can think about is downloading more anime..."

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