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I was thinking, which Matsumoto-based animes remain unlincenced at the USA, so it could be possible a replacement of Galaxy Express 999 at Live-eviL.

Queen Millennia – The Movie, comes first in mind. AFAIK, there are ready English subs online, but all the versions I found, have awful audio, which is ironic since the specific movie has a soundtrack by the legendary New Age musician Kitaro. Based on what you managed to do with Captain Harlock’s soundtrack, I would love to see this movie released by Live-eviL.

The same I feel for the Captain Harlock movie Arcadia of my youth. But that one is licenced I think (pitty: That amazing masterpiece with remastered audio would be a great honor to Leiji Matsumoto and all his fans around the world!).

Second in mind, it comes the Yamato Universe. I know that it is licenced (both movies and series), but there is also that one unlicenced telemovie of the first series that exists and fits perfectly to the Leijiniverse (it doesn’t mess with the Kodai timeline, so you can follow the logic that he became the first Captain Harlock, as it happens in the well known manga...). Maybe that rare telemovie, would be of some interest for your team.
There is also that “Yamato MV Series: The Music Videos”, that released back in the 80s and we in the west world know its existance only through the internet. It combines the amazing drawings of Matsumoto with the amazing remastering music of the Yamato series / movies. There is occasional dialogue, so there is something to translate. This MV Series is pure anime art by the standards of  it’s time, but I don’t know if a funsub group would have an interest to do something with it.
The last trace of unlicenced Matsumoto in the Yamato Universe, is that “Dai Yamato Zero-Go” 5 OVA series. Many Yamato fans wish to watch it, even if it is well known that it is not Matsumoto at it’s best.

Then, we have all those Queen Millennia and Galaxy Express Telemovies / Specials. I only saw a couple of them and I don’t know if someone own them out there in a raw or other form. There are sure lots that Live-eviL could do with them!
Galaxy Express 999 has 4 telemovies, one Special (Glass of Clair) and something called “Niji no Michishirube”, released in 2001 ( I don’t have the slilghty idea what it is). On the other hand, Queen Millennia has one Pilot and 2 Television specials that many would die to see released!

Two less known Leiji Matsumoto somehow related series, are the Wakusei Robo Danguard and Starzinger, which doesn’t belong to the Leijiniverse. I don’t like them personally, but both have their following. Maybe a Live-eviL treatment, changes my opinion!

Finally, there are a couple of OVAs, like Fire Force DNA Sights (must be licenced), the unbroadcasted Cosmowarrior Zero - Marina Story , the two Torajima no Mi-me shorts (released as a bonus on the last Queen Emeraldas DVDs) and the episodes 3 and 4 of Queen Emeraldas that never released in the West world and over the years became some of a Matsumoto Fetich series to own.

Well, that’s all, as far as I know. Am I missing something?

On the bottom line, I would like to say that I know that many members of Live-eviL are fans of Leiji Matsumoto and I would be 100% pleased if you simply keep up with Harlock SSX and Queen Millennia. I’m already very happy with what you have done already with the Leijiniverse and I have to admit that you have done a lot so far! You don’t have to do anything more to remain forever a honored mention to all the fans of Leiji Matsumoto around the world! But you know, how greedy we – the fans – are. So, if we can force you to do even more things with the Leijiniverse, we gonnna use all means necessary!

Keep up the good work!

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