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Past L-E Projects / Re: Galaxy Express 999!!!
« on: January 22, 2009, 05:38:31 am »
Wow, I returned to LE to find out all this stuff about one of my favorite shows... this pretty much sucks for everyone involved.  I live in America but I'm not sure I want to throw money at Crunchyroll to be able to watch my anime, because it doesn't seem like a very stable site IMO... how have they not been sued yet?  O_O

And anyway... isn't it kind of ironic that suddenly everybody's getting all possessive with the show, when it was Live-Evil that helped make it so popular anyway?  Meh... I just want a DVD release, it's all I ever wanted with Harlock/GE999/etc.  I'd totally buy DVD's, but I don't want to buy streaming anime.  -_-

General Forum / Re: 2nd Annual L-E Banner CONTEST!!
« on: January 15, 2008, 11:15:05 pm »
YAY!  congratulations to the winners! ^_^
gahh, my Matsumoto banners could not stand up to yours, PsychoShinji!   [:barthaliastoxik]

ahh well, there's always next year.
design contests are fun.   ;D

your question would be answered if you watched both of them

lol, wise words.

General Forum / Re: nOObs to this forums introduce yourself HERE
« on: January 13, 2008, 08:46:35 am »
If anyone on here makes their own music, I would love to hear what you've done.  I have a lot of stuff out on CD and always like to be inspired by other talented people; especially those who are better than me.

not sure if you're a Yamato fan or not, but here's my (boring, 4-chord) rendition of the theme song...

although i'm not altogether sure i can really call that music... >_<  lol
 i guess we'll say "making my own noise." it won't inspire you, but hey.  it's all i got.   ;D are you watching GE999?  you really should!

General Forum / Re: Grilled Cheese Sandwitch
« on: January 09, 2008, 12:03:28 am »
The question is... Seeded or Seedless?  [:barthaliastoxik]


SEEDED!  ^___________^

The best bread is not rye its sourdough get it RIGHT

Oh, yeah?!  I challenge you to a Bread Battle!
Rye-chu, tackle attack NOW!

rye is YUCKY!!!

* suzaku_nomiko spits it back in your face!

sourdough! baby!

 >:(!  .....Rye-chu, get 'em both!

General Forum / Re: Grilled Cheese Sandwitch
« on: January 08, 2008, 08:25:04 am »
uhm.  used rye bread.   ;D

because rye is so incredibly amazing.
it's like the king of bread.   [:burtonsnowboard]

General Forum / Re: 2nd Annual L-E Banner CONTEST!!
« on: January 07, 2008, 07:57:40 am »
I like everyone's banners! I don't envy the judges. I think I like the one with the fork in it the best, even though I don't know anything about that show. It just looks creative.


the only reason i haven't actually watched through the episodes yet is lack of undistracted time.  and when i watch Matsumoto shows, i must be absolutely undistracted so i can bask in the happy feelings of the yummy happy-ness that is the Leiji-verse!   :D

*grin* and you haven't even seen all of the banners, because several were submitted by email. This is going to be way difficult to judge...

no kidding, maan.  i feel bad for you, having to choose.  :P

General Forum / Re: 2nd Annual L-E Banner CONTEST!!
« on: January 06, 2008, 11:32:47 pm »
i thought we needed some QM banners, so here's my... uh.. stab at one.  ^_^;
i couldn't find many good pictures of Yayoi... *grumbles* ...but at least i got it in on time!

General Forum / Re: 2nd Annual L-E Banner CONTEST!!
« on: December 30, 2007, 02:46:42 pm »
*clicks topic*

(especially the ones with tochiro... ESPECIALLY THE ONE WITH TOCHIRO AND MII-KUN!)

haha, and Maetel gazing endearingly at the L-E logo is priceless too.  i think these just made my day!  *scampers off giddily*

General Forum / Re: What got you started into watching fansubs?
« on: December 30, 2007, 05:57:23 am »
hm, old topic but no matter.  -^_^-
my first experience with fansubs happened, i believe, when i was just getting into manga.  Tokyo Mew Mew was the first manga series i ever really got into (i can't believe i spent money on that when i could've been buying something way cooler, haha) and when they started airing the crappily-dubbed Mew Mew Power (ha) on TV, i think i was inspired to go find the original show on the internet so that i could actually see the same story that i was reading!  anyway, one thing led to another, and i moved from stuff like TMM and Full Moon wo Sagashite (when it was still unlicensed) to older (and better, IMHO) shows like the early Matsumoto stuff (thanks to you wonderful people!)  and Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.  i love fansubs of older, classic shows... sure beats watching dubbed Naruto on CN.  ^_^

General Forum / Re: 2nd Annual L-E Banner CONTEST!!
« on: December 28, 2007, 05:21:51 am »
mmkay, here's my first try.
i really didn't know what to do with the logo... >_<

yes, tetsurou is blushing.... ^_^;;

thoughts?  suggestions?

(edit:  ahh!  i don't know how to make my image into a link to the full size...)

further edit:  yay, i made one for Harlock 78 too.  i'm really satisfied with how this one turned out. 

Past L-E Projects / Re: Captain Harlock!
« on: September 18, 2007, 05:21:01 am »
And Harlock 24 has been turned loose. Prepare yourselves.... this one is harsh.


wow... poor lovers.  ._.
i thought that it was very interesting that Zorba loved Lucia even while the Mazone did what they did to his mother, in stark contrast to Tadashi, who couldn't even stand to have them on the ship because of his own losses from the Mazone. 

....NOOOO!  the next episode, what's gonna happen to Mii-kun?!  i'll sob my eyes out if they kill him off!

Past L-E Projects / Re: Captain Harlock!
« on: September 09, 2007, 04:59:54 am »
man, these episodes never seem long enough!
episode 23 is so sad... i wonder if Matsumoto wasn't a little like Yattaran in his high school years.. anyway, thanks so much to everyone who brought this one to us, i can't wait for the next episode!  (what will i do with myself when there aren't any more episodes?  gahh!)  ^_^;;

aaand i'm still wondering where Fambot 3 (for lack of knowing his actual name, lol) disappeared to..

Sappi: Theres always filler eps in every series. The longest series I have right now is Yu Yu Hakusho.

Usually of late the releases go every month to every 2nd month. I do find though there is starting to me more limited Editions threw out a series.

i know that, and i don't mind filler.
it's just that shelling out money for a volume with little substance feels like a waste.
and in the end, it really doesn't matter, but you know what i mean.

there are three things i dislike about R1 licensing:

1.  Price.  it's not that i don't want to pay for my anime; on the contrary, as an artist i understand the importance of supporting other artists' works.  but there's just something kind of ridiculous about buying DVD's from a really long series (Inuyasha, anyone?)  and having like 3 or 4 twenty minute episodes on one DVD that sells for around $20.  i don't get an allowance, i don't have a job, my parents don't buy me whatever i ask for.  call me cheap, but i despise paying roughly $5 for a single episode, especially if it's filler. 

2.  Release Dates.  this isn't a really big reason against the licensors, it's just aggravating and goes hand in hand with reason number one.  when licensors get the rights to a show, they first release all the single DVD's, in slowwwww motionnnn.  those are the single DVD's that i hate getting.  i really do prefer box sets as they are complete at the time of purchase and seem to be cheaper.  there's just something really hard about waiting as one after another single DVD is released.  i want to see the show SO BADLY, but i don't want to waste money by buying singles. 

case in point:  Viz and Full Moon wo Sagashite.  the show has an incredible amount of filler episodes at the beginning.  i would much rather have a box set, than buy up the $20 singles as they are released.  i'm not sure if this system is unavoidable, or just a tactic to get more money, but i've witnessed first hand how companies can lose profits like this.  (my cousin purchased a bootleg FMwS box set, even though i warned her that putting money into bootlegs wasn't right.  but i can understand her excuse - why spend gobs of money on singles when i could have the whole series right now?)  i want to make it clear that i don't support bootlegs if there is a legit way to get the series, but when people are faced with one opportunity over the other, what are they more likely to do?

3.  Subtitle Translation.  Now, i don't have the biggest experience with R1 DVD's, but from what i've noticed, they like to assume you're stupid.  it's very annoying to me to be watching a show, hear someone call for someone else by their last name, and see their first name onscreen.  honorifics are totally ignored, too, it seems.  this is one area where i feel fansubs are superior.  i feel like, okay, most people watching subtitled anime aren't ignorant of the Japanese language... i'd rather see honorifics and stuff in that general area acknowledged.  the guys at Del Rey are really good about this in their manga, and i think it's something everyone can agree upon, yanno?

....i really do appreciate that there's such a booming anime industry here in the United States, but i think my main issue with it is that it seems way too expensive.  maybe it's unavoidable?  i don't really know, but it certainly does deter me from spending money on a series.

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