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look here  some one buy the dvd with sub and rip it you have the last chapters whit english subs an if i am lucky now the english subs are out i can get the   fan-sub in spanish je je but for now i think the english version woul do if you like thank the uploader there.  [:perchut2] [:perchut2] [:perchut2] [:perchut2]
I just d/led 19.  Yes, it does have the English subs.  It's missing the OP and ED.   It's okay to watch if you need need the FT fix.

I couldn't use any of the choices because I've been looking for classic anime before Tsubasa Chronicles. [:janfynette]

Phew!! today i watched till 13 and i tot that's the ending, but i realized that it has 23 episodes from animenfo... man it scared me at 1st, i thought this project is dropped!! anyway thanks so much for the translation done and for continuing to sub YUA!
Just what is the status?  Episode 13 was the last one and I have talked with a few other YUA:FT fans and they have already watched episode 23 (season finally).  Any timeline?

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